J D Nichols Campus Alleyway Project Louisville, KY


By observing the spectacular results of an urban oasis successfully constructed, one can see the benefit of using E-Z Construction for this award winning project. Our attention to the details contained in the complex intersections, curvilinear seat-walls, and precise installation of multi-faceted pavement materials would translate into a successful project for agencies or companies that need precise construction techniques.

The Alleyway project was completed mostly during winter months with a strict completion timeline.

At A Glance

Key Elements

  • Precast seat-walls in a curvilinear design
  • Colored and patterned concrete pavement
  • Brick pavement
  • Innovative LED landscape lighting
  • Site amenities, ping pong, benches, corn hole
  • Shade sail
  • Extensive landscaping


University of Louisville Foundation

“I have enjoyed working with EZ Construction over the past 15 years and appreciate the careful attention to detail they bring to every project. The work is meticulously executed with a cooperative and collaborative spirit, making the construction process rewarding and enjoyable. Having worked with EZ on streetscapes, urban plazas, playgrounds and residences, the consistency and professionalism they exhibit is unparalleled. Issues inevitably arise during construction and they are willing to be flexible and offer solutions that keep the project moving and the crews really take pride in their work.”

Kristin B.