The Maples Park


The Maples Park is the very first park owned and managed by the City of Crestwood. The city entrusted E-Z Construction to transform the beautiful 22 acres of land for recreation, environmental exploration, and entertainment for the community.

The Park which sits between Highway 22 and Highway 146  features an abundance of greenspace, gorgeous old farm buildings, and great paved paths … with exciting plans to continue growing the space for the community.

For more information on this and other City of Crestwood Parks, please see their website at https://crestwoodky.gov/parks/


At A Glance

Key Elements

  • Removal of antiquated barn and replace with replica, incorporating historical elements into new design
  • Boulder wall featuring terraced landscape design that allows for climbing, sitting, and sliding opportunities
  • Splash pad encourages social interactive play and contributes to sensory and mental growth
  • Infiltration basin was constructed to prevent flooding, erosion, and improve water quality in adjacent water sources
  • Dry-laid masonry walls were a cost-effective solution to provide a stable retaining wall and beautiful perimeter for the property