Kroger Kentucky Distribution Center Improvements

E-Z Construction has formed a valued partnership with The Kroger Corporation at their Kentucky Distribution Center.  This facility is the main grocery distribution center for the region and services over 400 individual grocery stores.  As we learned during the recent Covid 19 outbreak, food supplies are a critical part of our infrastructure that most people don’t even think about until there is a disruption in the supply chain.  Kroger’s mission is to ensure there are no disruptions and have established a partnership with E-Z Construction in large part because we have proven we share that mission.  We understand the operations of the facility and are able to work within the facility without causing disruptions to the normal flow of groceries.  E-Z Construction is on call for any need Kroger has from snow removal, to rack inspections to capital improvements such as new employee parking lots and hydrogen fuel cell systems to power forklifts.





At A Glance

Key Elements

  • Maintain normal grocery distribution center operations at all times
  • Work alongside multiple union organizations while maintaining good employee relations
  • Concrete footings and mat foundations for hydrogen fuel cell
  • Install hydrogen fuel cell dispensers and infrastructure to power forklifts and plant equipment
  • Concrete pavement repairs
  • Asphalt parking lot expansions for employee parking

“In my 51 years of construction experience I can tell you it’s about the details and schedules, however, of equal importance is the understanding of the uniqueness of each project. That finesse is what makes E-Z Construction uniquely qualified for industrial and plant work.”

Ed Davis, President, E-Z Construction