Kroger Distribution Center, Hydrogen Refueling Center

Kroger Distribution Center upgraded to a more environmentally sustainable fuel system for its warehouse fleet. E-Z Construction was contracted to perform the foundations, containment slab, mechanical, and electrical improvements. The fueling system originated at an outside storage area, was piped below ground into the building and distributed inside the massive warehouse to several dispensing areas. Because of the hydrogen, the construction process was heavily regulated and inspected to ensure adherence to project plans, specifications and safety regulations. The foundations were set on micro-piles onto solid rock to protect against future settlement or movement of hydrogen storage containers. Mechanical and electrical elements were subcontracted as part of our construction contract.








At A Glance

Key Elements

  • Micropiles
  • Fuel Containment Slab
  • Reinforced Concrete foundations, walls and slabs
  • Hydrogen Refueling Dispensers
  • Mechanical and Electrical



“In my 51 years of construction experience I can tell you it’s about the details and schedules, however, of equal importance is the understanding of the uniqueness of each project. That finesse is what makes E-Z Construction uniquely qualified for industrial and plant work.”

Ed Davis, President, E-Z Construction