CSO 190 Green Infrastructure

The Portland area of Louisville was chosen to reduce the storm water flow in an urban area around 15th and Portland Avenue because of the areas’ close proximity to the Ohio River and outfall system.

The City of Louisville and MSD elected to redirect storm water into massive infiltration trenches and ADS Stormtech chambers. E-Z Construction fit the massive infiltration in active streetscapes, alleyways and parking lots while maintaining safety to the public and unimpeding traffic. Work required construction of overflow trenches and pipe systems, threaded between existing and abandoned utilities that have been part of Louisville’s infrastructure for over 100 years.

Streetscapes were established, and traffic calming devices were part of the overall design. Historic mix concrete was used on curbs and walks to duplicate century old concrete surfaces. Pervious pavers were installed where practical which provided immediate flow into the buried infiltration trenches that extended into the existing sand strata 20’ below the surface.


At A Glance

Key Elements

  • Infiltration Basins
  • Pervious Pavers
  • ADS Stormtech Chambers
  • Historic Mix Concrete Curbs and Walks