E-Z Construction donates Brown Park play equipment to children of Hand in Hand Ministries in Belize

E-Z Construction recently procured a contract for park improvements to Brown Park located off Kresge Lane adjacent to Baptist East Hospital in Louisville, KY. The improvements required removal of rather large play equipment. Recently, the donated play equipment was shipped and re-constructed in Belize for Hand in Hand Ministries’ outreach program.

Mr. Ed Davis, owner of E-Z Construction, having traveled with Hand in Hand to Belize with his wife Molly, realized the opportunity to relocate Brown Park’s play equipment to the Fowler Community Center in Belize. The City of St. Matthews generously agreed to donate the playground.

The Fowler Community Center operates a preschool and daycare as part of the programming to empower families affected by poverty. The Davis’ were impressed by the agency’s passion and ability to deliver quality houses and medical care to Belize.

Mr. Davis donated the hours for dismantling, packing and re-construction of the equipment. Logistics were coordinated by The Word at Work and covered by Hand in Hand. More at https://www.twaw.org

An E-Z Construction supervisor traveled to Belize to reconstruct the playground, which was finished in June 2019.

While E-Z Construction works on updates to Brown Park, Hand in Hand’s children in Belize get to enjoy a fantastic, repurposed playground.

At A Glance

Key Elements

  • Repurposed playground donation and logistics to Belize
  • Park construction out of the United States
  • Logistics and construction management of project
  • Donation of manpower and coordinated transportation donation

“I cannot begin to describe the happiness I felt seeing our children…playing on the playground this morning! The smiles on the faces of the children are simply golden.”

Abel Vargas, Director of Operations Belize.