Cedar Creek WQTC Sodium Aluminate Building


E-Z Construction was selected to construct a new building and chemical feed system as a critical component of the operations of the MSD Cedar Creek Water Quality Treatment Center.  The current system was undersized and was deemed in imminent danger of complete failure.  The building required significant foundation improvements due to poor soils at the site.  The site was excavated to bedrock and built back up to grade with concrete stepped footings.  The building itself is composed of insulated CMU block with precast hollow core roof panels and built-up roof system.  Two fiberglass tanks were installed in the building along with the associated chemical feed pumps and piping to deliver the prescribed amount of sodium aluminate to the treatment process.  Integration of the new system and remote operation was a critical requirement to meet the needs of the customer.  Environmental and safety controls were installed due to the hazardous nature of the chemical contained in the building.

At A Glance

Key Elements

  • Minimize downtime to plant operations
  • Construct building with insulated CMU and precast hollow core roof panels
  • Fiberglass tanks and chemical feed system
  • Integrate system with planter operations and remote monitoring
  • Install stepped concrete footings to bedrock
  • Extensive concrete foundation to bedrock

“In my 51 years of construction experience I can tell you it’s about the details and schedules, however, of equal importance is the understanding of the uniqueness of each project. That finesse is what makes E-Z Construction uniquely qualified for industrial and plant work.”

Ed Davis, President, E-Z Construction