Green Infrastructure

icon-green-infrastructure-offE-Z Construction’s green infrastructure projects are currently diverting 43 million gallons of stormwater into the natural soil and sand strata, away from treatment facilities. Green Infrastructure services include water management protection and restoration that simulates the natural water progression – an effective and economical way to address your drainage issues.

  • Stream restoration
  • Permeable pavement systems
  • Rain gardens
  • Infiltration systems

Stream Restoration
Our professional stream restoration team has a strong understanding of complex stream functions. By developing advanced techniques to control land/surface erosion, we are able to preserve your land and water features while enhancing wildlife habitats.

  • Boulder toe walls
  • Cross vane logs
  • J-hooks
  • Riparian zones and pools
  • Step pools
  • Live brush layering
  • Live staking

Rain Gardens
By taking advantage of rainfall and stormwater runoff, our rain gardens reduce the amount of pollution reaching creeks and streams while removing erosive power on your site. In addition to improving water quality, rain garden installation slows the movement of the stormwater, providing time to infiltrate the soil.

  • Bio swales
  • Rain gardens
  • Bio filtration
  • Engineered soil media

Infiltration Trench Systems
Construction of infiltration trench systems are designed to improve water quality by collecting rainwater from adjacent surfaces and allowing the water to quickly speed into the ground with the help of highly-permeable soils, helping the environment, and saving water treatment costs.

  • Infiltration trenches
  • Diversion berms

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