About Us


We have the best people who use best practices. We focus and pride ourselves on doing things the right way. When we say “Safety First,” it’s more than a slogan. It’s our commitment to protecting our clients and our employees at every level. E-Z works with a third-party Safety Consultants to achieve safety goals and routinely conduct job-site safety audits to ensure the highest standards of compliance.

Should you or your company have specific safety policy requirements or training, we are ready to work with you to meet your safety standards.


As E-Z Construction adapts to an ever-moving construction landscape. The challenges have changed, technology has changed, but the hard work, dedication to safety, treating employees with respect, and customer satisfaction are all milestones that remain the foundation of a great construction team.

“Our unique ability to manage and perform difficult, often dangerous jobs is a tribute to our ability to be resourceful and innovative with atypical projects. Customer service and satisfaction are among E-Z’s most valuable assets. I believe that work ethic and skill set will lead us through the next 50 years,”

-Ed Davis, Jr.

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